Friday, October 16, 2015

Kitchen Hack - How to Make Your Own Whipped Cream in Under 1 Minute

I wanted to try my hand at making my own whipped cream due to all the chemicals and junk that can come in the premade stuff in the store.  I picked up some organic whipping cream at my local Whole Foods.  Since it's only me, I made half a cup with sugar to taste (a little over a tablespoon).  I didn't want to deal with lugging out and cleaning up the hand mixer so I whipped by hand....  Yeah, that turned out a little more intense than I thought.

So I posted my 10 minute experience on Facebook and the FB world answered: someone said their daughter used her Nutribullet to make whipped cream.  GENIUS.  So yesterday, I tried it in my Magic Bullet.  BAM!  I got whipped cream in less than 1 minute!  Perfection!  I gave it a good shake to make sure all the liquid settled to the blade, whipped it another few seconds, and I was good to go.

To sum up: use a super high speed personal blender system to get your own whipped cream in no time!